More Value for Your Health Care Dollars

The AHRIC team helps you move your mission forward. For organizations like yours, that means balancing cost and benefits with the need to recruit and retain quality staff. 


That’s why AHRIC offers more than just a financial solution. We also support your team with complete plan administration, member advocacy and wellness programs. 



Employers with traditional insurance typically pay nearly 15 cents of every dollar on overhead. That includes taxes, unnecessary fees, hidden charges, and bloated commissions. Partnering with AHRIC helps you reduce or eliminate many of these expenses. 

AHRIC’s management partner, CBIZ handles all the things you would normally do as an employer to administer health benefits. These include managing vendors, open enrollment and compliance reporting. Additional financial services are available as well.


AHRIC partners are supported by caring, experienced staff across Arizona. This is especially important when one of your employees needs help navigating the complex health care system.

The advocacy team will research the claim, negotiate with carriers and hospitals on your employee’s behalf, and seek a positive outcome. The goal is to provide a strong support system for your human resources department and your employees. 

Meet Angela, an AHRIC member advocate. 

Angela Schlosser

The wellness experts who serve AHRIC can help you design a custom program that improves the overall health of your employees. This can increase employee retention and productivity, while driving down your health benefits costs. 


How CBIZ supports wellness for AHRIC