3 Ways AHRIC Enjoys the Home Court Advantage


Choosing a health benefits solution for your nonprofit employees is a big decision. It’s challenging to balance competing priorities—from taking care of your employees and your team’s workload to controlling cost and managing risk.

With all of those variables in play, you need every advantage you can get if you’re going to score points for your employees and your mission. An important principle from the world of sports can help: the home court advantage.  

In the 2018-2019 NBA regular season, the home team won 71 percent of their games. And that advantage holds whether you’re scoring touchdowns or goals.

Wouldn’t you love to have a similar edge when it comes to finding the right employee health benefits? Read on.

Whose court are you playing on?

Think about who has the home court advantage in a traditional insurance setup: the health care industry and the insurance brokers. Your nonprofit is playing on their court and by their rules.

Traditional insurers might assume your risk of loss, but you pay more each year in unnecessary fees, hidden charges, stockholder dividends, and broker commissions. (Yes, like a referee who favors the home team, you can’t expect your broker to be objective when he’s getting a payoff from the home team.)

And the one-size-fits-all health plans you’re given mean there are fewer ways to offer affordable benefits with enough value to retain your employees, much less attract the talent you need to fulfill your mission.

In short, you’re always on the defense—because you don’t control the court.

Self-funded insurance sets the stats in your favor

Nonprofits that leverage a self-funded health insurance plan have the home court advantage. That means you can actually do what’s best for your employees.

Yes, you take on some risk when you self-fund insurance, but in AHRIC’s case, you’re not alone. You share that risk with a team of likeminded, nonprofit employers.

Together, you have access to the same national provider networks as traditional insurance. But because you’re actively managing your benefits, you can design plans that fit your employees’ needs.

AHRIC: Self-funding that feels like a traditional PPO

There are three main reasons that AHRIC gives nonprofits the home court advantage in the fast-breaking healthcare game.

  1. Better line of sight: For basketball players, line of sight is an essential factor in their performance. Playing on an unfamiliar or ill-lit court can put the team at a serious disadvantage when they shoot.

    Where traditional insurance casts shadows over bloated costs, AHRIC partner-owners have a direct line of sight in the form of data transparency. Their support team at CBIZ, a top employee benefits firm, regularly reviews costs like pharmacy benefits and stop loss insurance and negotiates better pricing with vendors.

    That not only saves nonprofits like yours money each year, but any rebates won go back to the partner owners, not into the pockets of the insurance company. In 2020, these nonprofits — through AHRIC — received over $2 million in pharmacy rebates alone.


  2. Player-friendly facilities: Nothing’s worse than being stuck in an away team locker room that offers the bare minimum in comfort while the home team lounges in luxury. It feels like the generic health plans you get in traditional insurance that allow insurance companies to maximize returns for their shareholders.

    AHRIC’s active management approach blends data insights together with your lived experience to create the right solution, at the right price, for your unique employees’ needs.

    So far in 2021, that’s meant introducing Personal Care Guides that provide a concierge service to help nonprofit employees navigate the health care system. AHRIC partner owners  unveiled a program that aims to improve the health outcomes of employees with chronic health conditions – now 6 out of every 10 adults.


  3. The fan factor: The right health benefits solution should have the fans on their feet and cheering. It shouldn’t have them voicing concerns about rising costs with declining value, opting out of insurance for their families, or worse, leaving your team entirely.

    Employers who team up with AHRIC are able to deliver more value to employees while controlling cost. That leads to higher enrollment and employee satisfaction.

    And HR likes it too, because unlike self-funding on your own, CBIZ handles administrative tasks like resolving claims, creating marketing materials, and supporting open enrollment activities.  In that way, AHRIC supports your team more like a traditional PPO than a self-funded plan on your own.


Several factors need to converge to choose a winning health benefits solution. But far too many nonprofits are playing the game the way the traditional insurance industry wants you to. 

Instead, snag the home court advantage of self-funding through AHRIC to score valuable employee benefits without runaway costs.


Want to see if AHRIC is the right fit for you? Contact Dave Madden at David.Madden@cbiz.com or call 602-308-6649.

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