How 2020 Advanced AHRIC’s Approach


You could hear it in her voice.

For months, the CEO of a large Arizona nonprofit had taken in the concerns, fears, and worries of her employees. She had made a point of meeting with her people in small groups to hear what was really going on in their lives.

In detail, they told her about the challenges their families faced with COVID-19, school closures, social inequality, and the divisive political environment in 2020.

Now the CEO was using that input to make strategic decisions about how to take better care of her people and, in turn, the community they serve.

The determination in her voice was clear. She wanted real solutions.

Not the higher deductibles, reduced benefits, and low employee satisfaction she’d seen each year with traditional health benefits.

COVID-19 Exposes Health Care Gaps
As a benefits consultant, I’ve had the chance to meet with dozens of nonprofit leaders over the last year. Many of their organizations are near the frontlines of the pandemic response – from nursing homes to mental and behavioral health facilities.

And they all need the same thing right now from their health benefits plans: Less of the usual talk about cost, coverage, and accessibility – and more action toward solving the fundamental flaws that COVID-19 exposed in our health care system.

The nonprofit leaders of AHRIC took this to heart in 2020. And going forward, our health benefits captive will be even more focused on the real bottom line: helping our members’ employees achieve better health outcomes.

New Services Deliver High-Touch Experience
We’ll reveal more of our strategy next month, but here are just two of the changes we’ve made so far this year:

1. AHRIC Members Receive Concierge Care: In January, each family covered through our captive received a Personal Care Guide who helps them navigate the health care system. The “concierge” coordinates everything from choosing the best doctors and to arranging travel to appointments to taking care of billing issues and connecting doctors and pharmacies. The goal is to help people fully use their benefits to improve their overall health.

2. More Focus on Chronic Health Conditions: COVID-19 disproportionally affected the most vulnerable people in our society. According to the CDC, 6 in 10 adults are living with at least one chronic condition including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Going forward, AHRIC will make a greater investment in tools and services that help patients manage and, when possible, reverse these conditions.

COVID-19 exploited the gaps in our health care system. At AHRIC, we’re learning from the past year and helping our members obtain even more robust health plans that our members’ employees can afford.

Because in the post-pandemic era, we want nonprofit leaders – like that CEO – to feel confident that they’re doing everything they can to care for their people.

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