Case Study: 

Nonprofit Breaks Cycle of Escalating Employee Health Benefits Costs


People need to know just how much the team at AHRIC/CBIZ does as your consultant and the importance they place on the relationship building as well.

The Problem
Child & Family Resources, Inc. faced huge rate hikes on their employee health benefits every year. To manage costs, the nonprofit would shop the insurance carriers. But year after year, Human Resources would have to deliver bad news to employees: their cost was going up again. 


The CFR team already had high-deductible plans. That left some employees facing medical bills they couldn’t pay on nonprofit salaries. Others simply went without health care. HR worried about their people – and the nonprofit’s ability to retain and recruit talent. 


The Solution
CFR’s passive approach to health benefits via a traditional PPO plan wasn’t working for them. Chief Administration Officer Tammy Cormier had experience with active management – or self-funded plans – at a previous nonprofit. She knew that active approach would help CFR save money and take better care of their employees. But she worried that HR would have to handle more administrative tasks, including processing employee claims. 


After an extensive vetting process, Cormier helped CFR join AHRIC. “Joining AHRIC was really different. Although you are joining a self-funded plan, AHRIC handles the administration piece for you. From that standpoint, it does function more like a PPO than a self-funded plan.”


The Results
For the first time in years, CFR did not see an annual increase in the cost of its health benefits in 2021. Employee enrollment is up by 15% year over year and employees have more resources available to them – such as personalized, concierge heath care. “They have the same providers through AHRIC as they would through a National PPO Plan. It’s comparable to any national carrier,” says Cormier. 


HR no longer needs to assist employees with unresolved claims, those are handled by AHRIC’s administrative partner, CBIZ. The CBIZ team also helps create marketing materials and supports HR with open enrollment. Cormier says that’s freed up HR to focus on wellness initiatives and even launch a new employee newsletter.

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Location: Tucson, AZ

Employees: 320

Annual Revenue: $16.8 million