5 Questions to Ask Your

Health Benefits Broker

Is your health benefits broker acting in the best interests of you and your employees? Ask him or her these five questions to find out.


Nonprofit Breaks Cycle of Escalating Health Benefits Costs

For the first time in years, CFR did not see an annual increase in the cost of its health benefits in 2021. Employee enrollment is up and employees have more resources available to them.


9 Employee & Health Care

Trends for Nonprofits

AHRIC hosted a panel of experts to help nonprofits understand the market and social forces that are shaping their health benefits choices. Here are 9 trends these experts identified. 


How 2020 Advanced

AHRIC's Approach

Nonprofits need more action toward solving the fundamental flaws that COVID-19 exposed in our health care system. Here's how AHRIC is helping our members do that. 


Build Your Perfect

Health Benefits Bracket

Choosing a health benefits solution for your employees is a big decision — especially for a nonprofit like yours. We designed this chart to help you quickly compare your options.


3 Ways AHRIC Enjoys the

Home Court Advantage

Too many nonprofits are playing the health benefits game the way the traditional insurance industry wants you to. Instead, snag the home court advantage.